I was out of town last week. This morning when I went to check my post office box, I was thrilled to find four boxes of gifts from the Target wish list, some donations, and a big box of signed cards and stickers from one of our favorite contributors, Carol in Oklahoma. To top it off, I brought back from my trip donations, both money and gaming systems, that friends gave me last week. I have to admit that for the past few weeks I was kind of getting worried that people really were not that interested in helping the List Kids and were not going to get involved. With the rising gas prices, the housing crisis, the upcoming elections, and the natural disasters, including the latest flooding here in the US, I know it is easy to get preoccupied with these other issues. The List Families are coming to the US and having to try to adjust to their new lives here and are facing these very same challenges. They are trying to rebuild their lives. It is a great feeling to know that we are having an impact in their lives. Our simple gesture of sending monthly care packages to the List Kids really makes a difference in these kids’ lives.

I want to thank Diplopundit for helping spreading the word by blogging about the List Kids. I want to thank the companies that have partnered with the List Kids – Penguin Books, The 99/Teshkeel Media Group, and Independent Means camps. And I want to thank the following people who have really helped make a difference: Christian, Cayla, Sophia, Noel, Kirk, Zeba, Chris, Tona, Ban, Carol (Tulsa), Alexia, Morgan, John, Molly, Connie, LA, Nuntiya, Evyn, TJ, Erik S., Debra, Carol (Waco), Sherri, Donna, Eric, Evan, and Laurie. By your actions, you have changed a several children’s lives. Let’s keep it going!


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