The law firm of Steptoe & Johnson LLP joined the List Project as a pilot partner in October 2010, taking on seven cases from our List.  Steptoe & Johnson has been assigned cases of Iraqis who have fled to neighboring countries, as well as those still in Iraq.

Background on Steptoe & Johnson LLP:

Steptoe & Johnson LLP has a long and rich tradition of public service that is an integral part of the history, ethic, and operation of the institution.  The firm takes their professional obligation as attorneys seriously, with the principle of increasing access to justice guiding pro bono efforts.

As a national and international law firm, Steptoe handles a full spectrum of pro bono matters.  Many involve significant legal issues with far-reaching effect, such as race, age, gender, and disability discrimination; human rights; freedom of speech; prisoners’ rights; and voting rights.

The firm also recognizes a genuine responsibility to serve local communities in a meaningful and results-oriented way by providing pro bono legal services to individuals and community-based nonprofit organizations where legal help would otherwise be unavailable.  These matters include custody, adoption, domestic violence, housing and homelessness, political asylum, wage and hour claims, HIV/AIDS, education, consumer protection, public benefits, mental health, and tax.

Barbara Kagan heads up Steptoe & Johnson’s team of attorneys assisting the List Project.  Ms. Kagan serves as the Public Service Counsel in the Washington office of Steptoe & Johnson LLP where she works with the Pro Bono Committee to continually advance Steptoe’s pro bono practice, and reviews and evaluates proposed and ongoing public service activities.

Ms. Kagan represents Steptoe in the public service legal community, actively working with the District of Columbia Bar and various providers of legal services to broaden the scope of pro bono participation. She also provides advice and assistance to corporate clients of the firm seeking to develop pro bono programs within their own general counsels’ office.

In addition, Ms. Kagan represents clients in a variety of pro bono matters, and assists other firm attorneys in their pro bono representations.  While located in DC, she works with all of Steptoe’s offices to enhance the firm’s pro bono activities.