TLP staff comes together a few times a week to discuss the latest news, activities, and trends relating to our Iraqi allies.  Find our staff’s latest findings below.

1) Trend Alert: Since the end of combat troop withdrawal in August, our staff has noticed an uptick in violence against family members of the U.S.-affiliated.  An alarming new development in recent applications is the renewed targeting of Iraqis who have had family members, now deceased, that worked for the U.S.  In the last few weeks, we have had several Iraqis contact us to tell us that threats on their lives from insurgent groups have re-emerged, even though their family member died months or years earlier.

Since 2007, the majority of TLP cases have included a principal applicant who worked for the U.S. military, government, or contracting company.  Therefore, most have documentation verifying their employment or have contact information of a former employer—both crucial for being considered for the SIV program.  These new applications are especially concerning because many of the families of the deceased have not kept the documents verifying their family member’s employment with the U.S.  TLP staff is working with the families to assist them in obtaining the documentation so that they may qualify for our assistance and seek refuge in the U.S.

2) Increasing Partnerships: TLP staff is working to increase our outreach program by joining with local partners who offer direct services to families in need.  This week, we are in discussions with a couple of organizations working to assist Iraqis in a variety of ways, from employment assistance and networking to donating new clothing.  Make sure to read our monthly e-briefs to learn more about our partnerships.

Serving as an Inspiration:  We were recently introduced to a start-up organization aiding Iraqis on the West Coast.  While not officially off the ground, this volunteer-staffed organization was founded by a U.S.-affiliated Iraqi who once worked as an interpreter and engineer and resettled to the U.S. only a few years ago.  After working with Iraqis through a human rights organization since arriving, the founder believes that he has located enough resources and volunteer manpower to assist other families.  The organization will act as a community center for recently resettled families, offering employment advice, networking opportunities and more.  The List Project looks forward to working with organizations that seek to fill the current gaps in the resettlement process.  Stay tuned for more information!

3) News Recap: Our staff reads dozens of different articles and blog posts every day seeking out information relating to our Iraqi allies.  Here are our top three blog sites for the day:

Foreign Policy’s Middle East Channel: A non-partisan site offering analysis and insights on the region

Musings On Iraq: A blog offering insightful commentary on news, politics, economics, and cultural topics in Iraq

NYT’s At War: a reported blog from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other conflicts in the post-9/11 world

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