The Iraqi Student Project is an organization run by students and faculty at Villanova University School of Law that seeks to place eligible Iraqi students into U.S. institutions of higher education.

Colleges and universities in the United States are sought out by teachers and students from all over the world. The Iraqi Student Project (ISP) invites these institutions to accept qualified Iraqi students, giving these students tuition waivers for undergraduate study. We are working with community leadership (in churches, mosques and other local organizations) to provide the support of every kind that these students will need during their college years.

ISP is working in the Middle East to find, without favoritism of any kind, qualified Iraqi students who would not otherwise be able to attend university. We then recommend such students for study and see them through the processes of university admission and application for a student visa to the United States. The ISP support groups serve as communities of friends for each Iraqi student throughout their years of study in the US.

The group’s efforts are commendable as they seek not only to resettle Iraqis, but ensure that their future will be prosperous through access to higher education. Please visit their website by clicking here.

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