As you may have seen on the List Kids homepage, Teshkeel Media Group generously donated an annual subscription to “The 99” for each each of the List Kids. They were one of our very first sponsors and The List Kids is very excited about this partnership. The 99 comic books series features 99 characters from 99 different countries and is based on Islamic culture and history. It is not, however, a religious comic book series. As with most superhero comics book, it is about good triumphing over evil and reflects the universal truths that are recognized in any culture. The quality of the artwork is amazing. They are very intelligently written. I highly recommend that you check out The 99 website: for more information. You can even download a free copy of The 99 “Origins.”
As a Christian living in the U.S., I will admit that I did not know much about Islamic culture before starting this project. I am smart enough to know not to rely solely on what is portrayed in the media. Reading these comics books, I recognized that there are many similarities between our cultures…and superheros;)

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