The BBC has reported on an Iraqi family of which the father was an interpreter for the American and Iraqi armies. Haithem, the interpreter, and his family decided to apply for a US visa in light of an attempt on his life. However, life can be difficult in the US:

And $6 an hour at a burger bar isn’t enough for the $600 a month rent for their apartment, which they will soon have to start paying. So he thinks he has only one realistic but appalling alternative – to go back to Baghdad as a well-paid interpreter for a firm of US contractors.

This story sounds all too familiar as some resettled Iraqis find minimal job prospects in the US and have little option but to return to Iraq where they can continue work with the US, but again fear for their lives. The lack of a support system for resettled Iraqis in the US directly leads to some Iraqis returning to Iraq and effectively nullifies the point of relocating.

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