If you check out the October 4, 2010 edition of People magazine, flip to page 118 and you will find our very own List Kids, Yasmin, Yousif and Sarah, featured in a story about The List Kids.  Not pictured in the photo are my cousins, Christian and Cayla Reis.  They worked behind the scenes, along with Yasmin’s and Yousif’s parents, Sarah’s grandmother, and my mom, to help the shoot go smoothly.  We had a great time having lunch together and doing the photo shoot.  Photo shoots are not as easy as one may think.  Hundreds of photos are taken to get the one perfect shot.  As you can see from the photo, Yousif is the king of twister and always kept everyone laughing during the shoot.  Sarah is so full of personality and it shows in this photo.  And, Yasmin is a true professional —if you did not know she is quite the artist.  Not only is she very talented at drawing, but she also makes her own movies and wants to begin acting! These kids and their parents are the real heroes!

Amazing kids + the best photographer in the business = a moment to remember always!  Thank you People Magazine!


Sky Choi

The List Kids

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  1. Tracy Early says:

    This is wonderful news! More well-earned and much-deserved publicity for what The List Kids is doing and trying to accomplish. I’ve shared this on my Facebook page.

    As ever, much thanks to ALL for all your efforts!

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