Time has a story on a local Iraqi whose concern and help for internally displaced Iraqis has earned her the title of the Mother Teresa of Baghdad:

Madhiha Hassan is a diminutive, 37-year-old seamstress whom some people have begun calling the Mother Teresa of Baghdad. She’s devoted her energies to helping Iraq’s internally displaced people, particularly in the Karada district where she lives. She organizes periodic supply convoys to various camps for the displaced. The Iraqi army in the area helps her distribute basics such as rice, tea, sugar, cooking oil and blankets. The supplies come from different nongovernmental organizations, including the Red Cross and Red Crescent and an Iraqi aid group called Hands of Mercy. But aside from logistical support from security forces, Hassan gets no help from the Iraqi government.

Hassan does not only help provide much needed food and other aid, but her entrepreneurial spirit has also led to employment amongst the internally displaced:

Hassan recently decided to help them help themselves. She has taken her aid for the displaced one step further with an employment initiative. She managed to get 60 sewing machines through donations and set up a small workshop, which employs 100 women from displaced families.

Hat tip: appletreeblog

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