Netroots has reached a historic milestone…we now have over 1000 members!  The List Project team would like to welcome all of our new members and thank our volunteers for helping us make Netroots such a success.

We also want to highlight some of the new resources that Netroots volunteers have created to help our members and our Iraqi friends.  There are two new groups, The TLP Library of Information and the TLP Troubleshooters, which are dedicated to answering questions and providing informational materials on the resettlement process.  Please encourage your chapter to use these resources to help Iraqis in your community!
Next month, the List Project team and a few of our volunteers will be hosting a conference call. We will be focusing on many topics, including tips on how to energize your chapter, working with voluntary resettlement agencies, Netroots safety, helping Iraqis in your area find employment and much more.  The List Project will also be posting helpful resources for you and your chapter to use in the near future.  Information for the call will be posted next week on the home page of Netroots.  
For all of you new Netrooters, please don’t forget to ‘Tell the President’!  We need your help to let the new administration know about the ‘Guam Option’.  To learn more about this issue please visit:
In closing, the List Project would like to address the issue of privacy on Netroots.  Some members have expressed concern over access to member information and we would like to remind you that Netroots is an open website.  Please note that any information you post on your personal pages can be viewed by visitors to the website.  Please email us with any concerns or questions.

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