I want to thank all my Davidson friends and my family who donated to The List Kids through Global Giving. I want to thank the few people from Netroots who donated to The List Project/List Kids on Global Giving. The open period is over and we did not earn a permanent spot on the website because we failed to raise $4000 and did not have 50 people who cared enough to donate. That really is a sad commentary on where we are. I know that one Netroots member who gave did so despite the fact that she donates so much time already to help Iraqi refugees and her financial situation is not strong. She has in the past said that she does not have money to support the project financially but she has willing given so much in other resources. Despite all this, she found a way to make a donation on Global Giving. It is people like her that give me some hope that we can keep The List Kids going. Its people like Mateo and his family, Carol, those in the New York Chapter who help out with postage each month, Morgan, Alexis, Peyton, Sali, Ahmed, Basma, Donna, Vivian, Sara, Tracy, Samuel, Henry, Diane, Ian, Liz, James, Nancy Lee, Madeline, Nuntiya, Polly, Jason, Joan, the students at Greenglades elementary, the Davidson families, John, my Grandma, Josh, Lisa in Texas, and the Smith’s in New York.

I am beginning to question the value in these social networking sites. Between this site and Facebook we have over 1500 members, yet less than 15 of these members cared enough to make a $10 donation that was desperately needed to earn a permanent spot on Global Giving. The payoff would have been increased access to corporate sponsors and increased exposure. It takes roughly $13,000 a year to run The List Kids. I apply for as many grants as I can. I host fundraisers. I work extremely hard to raise money to keep The List Kids going. So this morning, I am sitting here wondering why so few people care enough about these kids.

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