The Jordan Times reports that Jordan will host a conference dealing with the ever-increasing refugee crisis in the country and throughout the region. Key players in the crisis, those being Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan will convene their respective delegations to dicuss ways in which the humanitarian effort can be increased and streamlined. A delegation from the United Nations as well as the G-8 will also convene to witness the proceedings
Sure to be discussed is idea of the need for the United States to take increasing responsibility for the crisis as well increasing aid to the countries besieged by the problems that go along with caring for hundreds of thousands of displaced peoples.
Jordan has shouldered much of the burden in regards to this crisis, and as the article states: “government and UN officials said Iraqis residing in the Kingdom cost it JD1.6 billion in three years, and despite pledges from the international community, actual financial contributions have been negligible. “
It is very obvious that Jordan does not have the infrastructure to take care of as many as 500000 Iraqi refugees who live in and around Amman, and are becoming increasingly hidered by rising prices and a lack of facilities. It can only be hoped that the international community, most notably the United States will begin to contribe more than they currently have been with regards to this crisis and those which it effects

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