Flag of the Islamic State of Iraq

Developments in Iraq:

  • After an initial investigation, an Iraqi judiciary committee says it has found enough evidence to tie vice president Tariq al-Hashimi to the killings of a number of Iraqi officials and civilians over the last several years.  Hashimi, who proclaims his innocence, fled to Iraqi Kurdistan in December after a warrant was issued for his arrest.  (Source: New York Times)
  • Al Qaeda in Iraq releases report detailing its operations in the Anbar and Diyala provinces within the last two months.  These operations included  a number of assassinations of members of the Awakening councils, the police, and the army. (Source: AlSumaria News [Arabic])

List Project Updates:

  • Iraqis returning from Syria talk of threats, kidnappings (Source: Al Mada [Arabic])
  • Being an organization supporting Iraqis who are often targeted by militant groups, we look at Arabic language websites and forums to find information relating to threats on the ground in Iraq.  Lately, we have seen militant Sunni groups release an increasing amount of literature seeking to paint their foes, including our Iraqi allies, as “double agents,” working for both the U.S. and Iran.



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