Developments in Iraq:

The "victory rally" arranged by the Sadrists on Thursday drew tens of thousands from throughout the country to Baghdad's Sadr City.

  • The State Department announces plans to downsize its Iraqi Embassy staff, citing “a belief that a quieter and humbler diplomatic presence could actually result in greater leverage over Iraqi affairs” (Source: New York Times)
  • Sadrists hold a Thursday rally celebrating the exit of American forces from the country. In a recorded speech, Moqtada al-Sadr called for unity and peace among Iraqis.  He also called for the government to release resistance fighters.  (Source: The National )
  • Human Rights Watch called on the government of Iraq to stop executions. 65 prisoners have been executed since the beginning of the year. (Source: Human Rights Watch)

List Project Updates:

  • TLP discusses the latest statement released by the Islamic State of Iraq on our blog.
  • Iraqis on our list are not only in a bad situation in Iraq.  With the closing of the U.S. Embassy in Syria this week, Iraqis there are in a tight spot as well.  With violence on the rise and a regime that sees them as a nuisance, or worse, as criminal infiltrators, many Iraqis will choose to flee to Turkey in the coming days and weeks, becoming refugees yet again.

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