For Iraqis who have been denied an SIV visa, there is currently a legal option for those who would like to pursue it.  This requires the completion of the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services I-290B form.  This form can be used to process an appeal of your denial.  If you can provide documented evidence of why you feel you were wrongly denied, the United States government might potentially overturn the ruling.

The form requires all the standard info needed on any immigration document.  You should also include your Visa rejection letter, as well as your I-360 application, an I-765 form if you received one, and your COM approval letter.  You can also provide a brief describing your case, as well as any evidence that you feel will contribute to it.  This will be very helpful in an appeal if you have been denied on grounds of security.

The form requires that you file it within thirty days of your denial notice.

There is no fee for this form for Iraqis who are petitioning their SIV status.

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  1. Jim Vancura says:

    I think that The List Project and others like The Red T should consider filing a class action lawsuit to have the US (Whitehouse Administration) make good on thier promise and to act quickly to resettle our Iraqi Allies.
    Filing one appeal or lawsuit at a time will not do anything to help those who are not yet denied or refused and only serves to further delay affirmative action on the part of our American Embassies.

  2. Essam says:

    Help me Please

  3. Essam says:

    How can provide to you about my state.

  4. Mohammed says:

    Dear sir , after I filled up I-290B and my papers are ready where should I send it ? To what address ? Please giude me to the right way . Thanks

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