Plain and simple, we need 21 more people to step up and make a donation to The List Project/The List Kids on Global Giving: While it seems fairly clear that we cannot make the top three in either the number of donors or amount raised, we need to do everything we can to at least ensure a permanent spot on the Global Giving website. To do this, we need to raise $4,000 from 50 different donors. Unfortunately, we only have 6 day left to reach this goal.

I have to admit that I am surprised and yes, very disappointed, that we fell so far down the rankings and are in danger of not even making the bare minimum goal to stay on the Global Giving website. I look at the number of members we have on the Facebook website (945 members) and the Netroots website (1,444 members) and can’t figure out why we haven’t blown by our goal. Really, are there only 36 of you out there who care enough to donate $10???? Thirteen of those donors are my friends — kids who cared enough to donate $20 each. One of those donors is my mom who has supported me and The List Kids more than I can ever repay.

100% of every dollar donated to The List Kids goes to providing care packages for the kids. The return on your investment is priceless. How can you put a price on a smile? How can you put a price on a feeling of safety or acceptance? That is what the monthly care packages provide to newly resettled Iraqi refugee children. Here is a sampling of emails the List Kids have received:

“I’m writing here just to thank you about the great job you are doing, My 2 daughters are in your LIST “L***” (5 years) and “L***” (1 year) they receive the gift package monthly; that package means to L*** (5 years) a lot she feels welcomed and that someone somewhere loves her and wants her to be happy.”

“I receive today a wonderful gift to my daughter. thank you so much and have a great new year.”

“thx alot for your nice gift that we`ve got it today ,your nice gift makes my daughter very happy ,you make her smile ,and I do not know how to thank you.”

The A***** kids got their package – it made their day. Thanks so much!

“We got your gifts. We were delighted. THANK YOU and THANKS to all our friends in the The List Kids.”

“Thank you my friend for the gifts you sent. I recieved the two boxes you have been sent them to my daughters, today afternoon. My daughters are very happy. Thank you and God bless you.”

“I am sending this email on behalf of my daughters. We got the stuff the the kids list sent. They are very nice and the kids were so happy. They like the stickers so much.”

“We are the parents of Y***** and A********** and we want to say many thanks for your gifts that you sent it to them . We wish all the best for you in the future.”

“First we are very grateful to the list kids for sending the stories package to my doughter. She was so happy when she received this package, she loves stories and colouring. We really appreciate what you are doing for our child.”

“We are so greatfull for you all for sending the things for us they fell so happy with it and they toled everyone that we have many friends and they are keep sending for us many things that we like it. God keep u save for your family and for all the kids who you help. Thank you again for everything.”

“Today We have received the package that you guys have sent it to us. Y***** and Y***** were delighted. They says thank you Sky and thanks a lot to all those who worked with you in this tremendous effort to help the new comers. So thank you so much guys. We are really happy with all these things. We feel that we have a big family now – our friends in the and theKids List too- keep the great work.”

So what is stopping you from getting involved? Really, I would like to know because I just don’t understand the lack of support for these kids. Enlighten me by sending me an email at

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