We need at least 10 more donors and need to raise at least $890 more to reach the MINIMUM goal to earn a permanent spot on the Global Giving website. I know we can do this. Throughout the past year, several people have really stepped up and went above and beyond in their giving to The List Kids. There is one special person that I want to tell you about. His name is Mateo, and I have no doubt he wakes up every day thinking about what he can do to help the newly resettled Iraqi refugees. He is the one that welcomes all new members to The List Kids chapter on Netroots. He has sent gifts and money that I know come from his heart and that he has made sacrifices in order to give. He is constantly thinking up fundraisers. He even planted a sunflower garden to raise sunflowers to sell. And he has gotten his family and friends involved. They have made cards, donated money, sent toys, and held their own fundraisers. His mom even made special cookies to sell at a local market. For Mateo, The List Kids is a labor of love. He cares about these kids, most of whom he has never even met. He gives unselfishly of his time and resources. Mateo is a huge part of why The List Kids has managed to operate for over 14 months and has been able to meet the needs of the growing number of Iraqi kids that are arriving in the US. You see, Mateo has never forgotten that the List Project families are comprised of men and women who risked their lives to work with the American forces in Iraq. By doing so, they endangered their lives and the lives of their children. Their first year in the US is extremely rough, especially considering the current economic conditions. Our goal is to make their lives just a little bit easier — to bring a smile and a sense of hope to the lives of over 100 kids. Like Mateo, you can be a part of this amazing project. Donate today at http://www.globalgiving.com/projects/the-list-project-emergency-support-fund/


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