I am supposed to be a math whiz, but I am sure some of you are questioning my math skills at the moment. Let me explain this unique equation:

The List Project and The List Kids are taking part in the American Open Challenge on Global Giving. We have until June 30th to raise $4000 and have at least 50 unique donors. If we make this goal, we will be given a permanent spot on the Global Giving website which will give our project greater visibility.

Check out this link: http://www.globalgiving.com/dy/v2/americanchallenge.html

We are currently ranked 30th out of 79 projects! That’s pathetic. However, the top projects are not that far ahead of us. Our goal is to finish in the top three for amount of money raised so that we will get an additional bonus of $1,000-$3,000. And we want to have the most unique donors as that will get us an additional $3000. If we could win both these contest, we could effectively gain an additional $6000!!! Just think how many care packages we can send with that kind of money.

So here is the challenge: You can donate as little as $10. If every member of Netroots donated $10 dollars each we would surely win the unique donor contest and most likely win the $3000 bonus for the most funds raised. If every person reading this blog —that means you –donated $10, we could blow the competition out of the water. In essence, your $10 could easily turn into $6000!

Please take the time to donate today and help us win the American Open Challenge so that we can gain a permanent spot on Global Giving and continue to reach out to the more than 100 Iraqi kids that we send care packages to each month.

Here is a tip for those who don’t like to ask people for money directly: simply put this link in your email signature and spread the word to everyone you email: http://www.globalgiving.com/projects/the-list-project-emergency-support-fund/

You can do this! If you do, you will discover that $10 really does equal $6000 when all is said and done. Simple math;)

Sky Choi

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