Maddy's Artwork: Iraq

Since 2008, Madeleine (Maddy) Marx has been a dedicated TLP volunteer in New York City.  In addition to assisting individual Iraqis, Maddy has hosted our NYC Chapter annual fundraiser each year in her beautiful SoHo loft.   Last April, Maddy and the NYC Chapter welcomed nearly 100 supporters and raised money for our emergency support fund.

Recently, Maddy was recognized for her creative and passionate artwork.  Since 9/11, Maddy has become interested in the Compassionate Listening Movement—which, among other things, has encouraged her to get others to think about listening to the “enemy” (defined by Marx as someone who is involved in a conflict and whose story has not been heard).  Maddy has traveled around the world get these stories, believing that by listening to the enemy’s story, the individual will no longer be an enemy.

Over 20 large works of art have been completed thus far, each concerning a story that Maddy has been given by someone directly involved in a conflict.  Maddy’s Iraqi piece is based on a man who was a victim of the war in his country.  While not yet on display, Maddy’s artwork takes one step forward to building compassionate communities and encourages listening to all sides before drawing a conclusion.  The List Project thanks Maddy for all her great work and wishes her continued success.

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