Since Kirk Johnson turned my life into his List, I started to organize everything, even my feelings in Lists (:Here I wanted to share with you some of my lists.

I know that I am still a resident in the US, but for many reasons I already feel like an American, here are some of the reasons to why I think anyone should feel an American , IF:

1- The Greek lady in your area Dinner knows how you like your eggs and bacon in the morning

2-Someone in your neighborhood waits for the time you come back from work to smile at you, everyday.

3-You feel angry if Aljazeera Channel tries to criticize the US, although deep inside you, you feel that they have a point in some issues.

4-You shout Wahoooo when the US team marshes in the Olympics with a refugee from Darfur originally, is carrying the flag in Beijing.

5-You go to the Irish Pub in your area and enjoy listening to Uncle Tim, singing in a loud voice while he is drunk and you clap even if deep inside you, you are singing ( killing me softly with his songs…killing me softly).

6-You have many friends who are Americans, and one of them makes your heart pump more blood into your body, when you meet together ( ; .

7- You pay third of your salary as taxes
and the List goes on and on …………………………….

So since I have grown up such a feeling that I am an American, now let me tell you MY LIST of what makes me love the idea that I am an American. Some of the many reasons are:

1- I know no one can arrest me and put me in jail to be tortured unless I do something wrong and even then no one will torture me or beat me with wooden racks.

2- Americans unlike other nations don’t ask refugees, when you will go back to your country, we hate refugees! Instead they tell you: Welcome to America! We are happy that you are safe here.

3- I know that when I go to the hospital, doctors will not see me as Sunni or Shiite, or Muslim, or … they see me as a HUMAN, and I get the best medical treatment regardless of my origin.

4- No body has the right to intervene in my personal life as long as I didn’t hurt them, I can do whatever I want as long as it’s legal without worrying about the neighborhood making me the chewing gum for their gossips.

And The List goes on and on …I even dream about Lists, oh my God lists everywhere, I should List a List for my Lists , loll

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