The List Kids received recognition today at the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards luncheon for the honorees from Florida. There were some really cool people there with exciting community service projects. The best part of the event was meeting Nathaniel’s mom (Nathaniel, who was being honored for over 4000 hours of community service, was represented at the awards ceremony by his mom because he was stuck taking the SAT!). Nathaniel’s mom, who I am sorry to say I failed to get her name, asked about what The List Kids’ needs are. She is a teacher in Broward and may have some students interested in volunteering! For Nathaniel’s mom and all others looking for community service projects, The List Kids is pleased to announce that we have three kits designed to help you with three types of fundraisers: (1) gift card collections; (2) used gaming systems/games/dvd collections; and (3) whatever-kind-of- “athon” you are interested in (read-a-thon, sleep-a-thon; Wii-a-thon, etc). We have informational flyers and wristbands and can supply templates with logos for custom flyers and posters. You have another idea? Just let us know and we will help in any way we can! If you are interested in following in Nathaniel’s lead (4,000 community hours!!!!) or just need to meet your school’s more moderate requirements 😉 —- contact me at today.

Thank you to Scott Hart and the Prudential team for today’s ceremony.


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