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Thanks to John and Molly, I have learned about Sunkist’s “Take A Stand” program. Sunkist will provide you with a cool lemonade stand (like the one used by John and Molly), posters, flyers, recipes, and other tips to help you raise money for a charity of your choice —- of course, I suggest The List Kids;)

All you have to do is request your own stand at: http://www.sunkist.com/takeastand/

What a great way to have fun this summer and raise money for The List Kids! If you are willing to “take a stand” for the List Kids, please let me know. Click on this link for a List Kids flyer to distribute to your customers: List%20Kids%20flyer.doc

I will send anyone who hosts a stand a cool List Kids wristband and backpack. And, if you send me your photos, I will post them here on the List Kids blog.

My email is: kids@thelistproject.org


Iraq Fact of the Day: I don’t know if lemonade is popular in Iraq, but I do know that orange soda is!

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