The AFP reports that Sweden, a large holder of Iraq’s refugee population, will allow fewer asylum seekers to come into the country. This poses problems for Iraqis who are seeking to leave their country, as well as Iraqis already in Sweden, some of whom are desperately trying to reach the United States. According to a Swedish immigration spokesman “The general situation in Iraq is not enough anymore to get a permission to stay in Sweden” Sweden has cut its intake by fifty percent from this time last year, and has also begun to notify some Iraqis within Sweden that they will have to pack their bags and leave.
What is left out of this conversation is the fact the many Iraqis cannot go back, either because there is nothing for them to go back to, or the fact that they are targeted individuals who would most likely be killed if they returned.

  • Published: 16 years ago on February 4, 2008
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