Hi everyone, Kirk here. I haven’t had a great deal of time to post to the blog recently, but every now and then a story transcends the chronic din of inaction on this issue, reminding us of just how absurd this has become for Iraqis who are fleeing for their lives because they helped us.

Click below to watch the story of how “Nubs,” an Iraqi dog that came to befriend one of our Marines, is on his way to the U.S. The story quotes the Marine: “Nubs was going to America. This dog had been through a lifetime of fighting war, abuse….he was going to live the good life.” The viewer learns with horror that Nubs’ ear was cut off and he was tortured.

One wonders, how long does it take to save the life of a tortured Iraqi dog? How does that compare to the people on our List who were tortured because they worked for the United States? If the events of the past week are any guide, our desperate colleagues had better plan on waiting.

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