A couple of recent opinion pieces have caught our eye as being particularly worth a read:

The editorial board of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes:

It’s quite something to see how short a government can fall even when the standards it fails to meet are its own tragically low ones…

So, the sky is the limit for funding the bombing of Iraq and carpeting it with mercenary contractors (a nearly $600 billion Defense budget sounds obscene), but when it comes to helping Iraqis, the funds dry up. Could it be that admitting so many Iraqi refugees here would equal an admission that things aren’t going well in Iraq?

Reuters columnist Bernd Debusmann writes in an opinion piece:

Does the U.S. have a moral obligation to help because it started the war that uncorked ethnic violence? Yes, say senior State Department officials, particularly for those Iraqis who worked with Americans and put their lives at risk. But President George W. Bush has stayed silent on the issue and ignored appeals to show leadership in dealing with the world’s largest displaced population, after Darfur.

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