The List Project recently launched two new exciting programs. The List Project: Netroots is an online social networking service that lets people make profiles and join with others to directly organize around the Iraqi refugee issue. By creating local chapters of The List Project, members can band together and opt to sponsor an Iraqi family and provide direct help such as organizing fundraisers, mobilizing the community to help, aiding the family with employment, and writing letters to local newspapers about the family and the refugee issue. There are other ways these groups can help including organizing events to raise awareness and helping The List Kids (see below). The Netroots project is less than a week old and already has nearly 200 members and 8 local chapters. Visit the Netroots website, sign up, and get involved with a local chapter or make your own. Also, the first 25 people to create a chapter that reaches 25 members will get a free List Project t-shirt!

You can also embed the following badge on your MySpace and Facebook profiles. Click here for more.

View my page on The List Project: Netroots

Furthermore, The List Kids was recently launched by enterprising 11 year old Sky Choi and serves to help the children of US-affiliated Iraqi families resettled in the US. The List Kids assembles care packages for these children consisting cards and gifts donated by generous individuals. People can make welcome cards, donate video game systems, donate gift cards from clothing stores, raise funds and more. Click here to learn what you can do. Two 9 year olds in Louisiana even donated money to The List Kids by selling lemonade. Please visit The List Kids website for more information and also check out Sky’s List Kids blog.


  1. Samia Qumri says:

    Thank you for an amazing work on this site..It has gioven so much the hope they need for brand new and safe threat-free life for themselves and their families.
    I have one concern please its the process of getting those Iraqis out of iraq and into the US since neighboring countries making it difficult to obtain visas in order to cross their borders and meet the US embassy staff for interviews. Hope this issue will take some attention and be resolved.

  2. Angad says:

    Samia Qumri,
    Iraqis can now meet with US Embassy staff in Baghdad, in the Green Zone. This development is due to the Kennedy legislation, Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act. In-country processing for Iraqis started in March.

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