According to an article by Refugees International:

The 2008 Defense Authorization Act, which was recently signed into law by the President, also established a special P-2 category and a special immigrant visa for Iraqis who have been targeted because of their affiliation with the U.S. government. Senators Edward Kennedy (D-Mass), Gordon Smith (R-Ore), Sam Brownback (R-Kan), Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) and a number of liberal and conservative Senators supported this bipartisan effort.

Hopefully, the special visa will expedite the resettle process for marked Iraqi allies. At the very least, the creation of the visa is an implicit recognition from the administration that Iraqi allies are, in fact, being marked for death and that the U.S. has an obligation to help them. The bipartisanship effort underlies the ultimate humanitarian nature of the refugee issue and thus transcends the confines of Democrat, Republican, left, right, pro-war, anti-war, etc.

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