In an NPR news broadcast, featured on All Things Considered, Deborah Amos reports on the challenges faced by Iraqi refugees stalled in the resettlement process. Discussed in the broadcast are findings from a new UN report that one-third of Iraqi refugees living in Syria will run out of money within the next three months. The UN report is also referenced in a recent US News and World Report article.

One of the refugees profiled in the NPR story is included on TLP’s list of Iraqis who should be resettled in the United States. His work with USAID earned him death threats that forced him to flee to Syria. Now the bureaucratic process has left him in a state of despair:

“He’s given up on resettlement and on the US government that trusted him in Baghdad, but he believes doesn’t trust him enough to admit him to the United States.”

  • Published: 17 years ago on January 3, 2008
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