The Guardian reports that Iraqi children are still struggling with the Jordanian education system, despite the Jordanian government’s decision last year to allow them to attend state schools:

Around 30,000 Iraqi children have now registered for a place at a state school. But thousands who should be in school are not… Finding a school place is not easy, as overcrowding is rife… Tension has risen in the Jordanian population – people are not keen on giving up precious places to the Iraqis… Children must have their school records from Iraq to be able to register in Jordan. Many do not have them because they left in a rush to escape the war. Although fees for state school are far less than for private school, parents say it is still difficult to find the money when they also have to pay for books. In contrast, Jordanian children pay only £3.50 per term, and their books are free… Iraqi children who have spent more than three years out of school are still excluded…

  • Published: 16 years ago on February 18, 2008
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