As the holiday season approaches, TLP has started to think about ways that each of us can give to those in need. One of our dedicated Netrooters, Matthew Watts, has recently posted a blog about the ways in which we could give.  One of Matthew’s great ideas was to create a Netroots Challenge–this would be a Challenge where each of us would give up our frivolous spending for a week or two weeks.  We all love our specialty coffees or magazines, but setting aside the small amount of money we spend on these things can be used to help a recently resettled Iraqi refugee.

What about buying a gift card at a pharmacy or food store in the area of an Iraqi from our List so that they can start this holiday season on the right foot?  Each of us has the power to make a difference (small or large) in the lives of others.  Please work with us to welcome our new friends.
Check out Matthew’s blog and let’s get going!

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