We have received at least one kind of each of the major gaming systems, with the exception of a PSP and a Wii. We have collected several Gameboys, a Nintendo DS, a Playstation 2, an X-Box and a Gamecube. Thanks to Carol in Tulsa, we have even received a brand new Leapster. The systems have already been sent out to several lucky List Kids in this month’s care packages. What we need now are some more games to send to the kids. I know you can turn in your old games and get a credit for them towards a new game, but think about how much better it would feel to send your games to a List Kid! For nothing more than the cost of postage, you can give a List Kid hours of fun. Think about it.



P.S. We could still use more systems, so send those in if you have one your are willing to part with! Playstations and X-Boxes are especially nice since they can double as dvd players;)

  • Published: 16 years ago on July 12, 2008
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