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  • On Monday, List Project Executive Director Kirk Johnson joined a panel of experts to talk about the persecution of Iraqi refugees and the security procedures that are both delaying and denying their arrival in the U.S.
  • The Economist documents Afghanistan and details why, like Iraq, there will be little or no help for those who helped us in our mission.  The List Project has fielded a number of questions from Afghans or from the U.S. soldiers they work with looking to get them out of harms way.  Because of tight security restrictions stemming from a fear of terrorist infiltrators coming to the U.S., it has now become very unlikely that those who worked side by side with our soldiers in Afghanistan will be allowed in the country.  As in Iraq, these Afghans are being killed and persecuted for their affiliation with the U.S., and they face a grim future if they cannot find refuge in another country.

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