Developments in Iraq  

Some of the aftermath of Thursday's attacks Source: Reuters

  • Thursday saw the continuation by the Islamic State of Iraq of a pattern of sporadic high volume attacks targeting Iraqi security forces and government officials, killing more than fifty and wounding hundreds throughout the country.  In addition to these attacks, ISI routinely carries out daily small level attacks against Iraqis with ties to the government.  Earlier in the week, Iraqi officials were touting what they called a dramatic decline in violence in the past few months. One official cited that Al Qaeda members had become “preoccupied with their new Jihad in Syria.” (Source: Washington Post. Christian Science Monitor)

List Project Updates

  • Our friends at EPIC chronicle “The Forgotten Ones,” and review the “Mission Not Accomplished” briefing that the List Project participated in on Capitol Hill in late January. (Source: Education for Peace in Iraq Center blog)
  • We are inching ever closer to reaching our match grant goal. For every dollar you contribute, a generous anonymous donor has pledged to match it up to $100,000 dollars.  Every dollar counts, and ensures that we are able to continue to help our Iraqi allies (Link: Support Our Work)

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