From April 14 to 16, a diverse coalition of non-profit organizations sponsored a conference on the worsening Iraqi refugee crisis. The goal of the three-day activity was to raise awareness concerning the dire situation faced by refugees, mobilize support for concrete action, provide resources for citizens involvement and offer policy recommendations. Consensus was reach on several topics:

* Vulnerable Iraqis who are in Iraq or who have fled to neighboring countries are in immediate and urgent need of the most basic humanitarian assistance.
* The United States should strengthen support to non-governmental organizations assisting vulnerable Iraqis and should fund at least 50 percent of amounts requested in appeals from international organizations providing humanitarian support to Iraqis.
* Many displaced Iraqis will never be able to return home safely. The United States should expedite the resettlement of vulnerable Iraqis and vastly increase the number admitted.
* The United States should significantly increase humanitarian assistance to countries hosting Iraqi refugees to ease the strain on their national systems, as well as press Iraq and other countries to also respond generously to meet these needs.

On the policy forum website, you can view refugee profiles, follow links to contact your senator, or read in-depth articles on the crisis.

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