I don’t like to shop and Black Friday traditionally does not appeal to me, but this article in the New York Times caught my eye,

“Price War Brews Between Amazon and WalMart”

This means that regardless of whether you are the kind of person that likes to shop online or whether you prefer to join the masses in person on Black Friday, you can get great deals —-so please consider picking up a gift for a recently resettled Iraqi child. We have over 112 kids on our List, ranging in age from 2 months – 17 years of age. Help us bring hope to these kids this holiday season. Remember, for our online shoppers, we have a Wish List at Amazon.com:


And speaking of hope, The List Kids’ “Winter Hope” campaign has just kicked off. Despite the state of the economy, we are hoping people will remember how blessed they are and feel the desire to share what they have (even if it is less than last year!) with others who are struggling. One easy way is to give online through the Winter Holiday Appeal —the best part is that your donation will be matched up to 50%! Definitely more bang for your giving-bucks!


From The List Kids Team

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