Fresh off the polls that gave his Iraqiya list a marginal victory and thus the first opportunity to form a majority governing coalition, Iyad Allawi has vowed to work toward bringing Iraqi refugees home. In a recent speech to his followers, Allawi stated that:

“There are millions of Iraqi people inside and outside Iraq who have been turfed out of their homes… and are experiencing injustice. We will work to help them return to their homes”

Although this language is great to hear, there is concern that forming the government may take some time. Because of the close elections, there has been no clear cut winner. Both sides will make their cases and seek to woo those non aligned candidates into their particular blocs. Any delays in this process will obviously hinder the governments progress in relation to Iraq’s refugees as well as its IDP population.

Source: IRIN: IRAQ: Leading politician Allawi promises to help refugees, IDPs

  • Published: 14 years ago on March 31, 2010
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