Okay, imagine my surprise when I received today’s List Kids mail. First, I received a big box from my friends in California. Morgan (a very talented young person) wrote these amazing welcome cards in Arabic. They are so beautiful. Trust me, the photos do not do them justice. They are so cool. And, I am so jealous that I can’t write in Arabic! Plus, Morgan and her mom went shopping and sent tons of paper, markers (192 to be exact!!!!), flashcards, and puzzles. I cannot wait to sit down to prepare the next set of care packages. The kids are going to love this stuff!

I also received some great letters from Matt in South Carolina and a very generous donation. I “met” Matt online at the List Project’s new networking site: http://netroots.thelistproject.org/ I was amazed at how fast he offered to help. I already have a special gift in mind for two young List Kids and your gift, Matt, has made it possible to get this gift in time for the next shipment.

I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you have done to make a difference in the lives of these kids!


Iraq Fact of the Day: The writing (takbir) on the Iraqi flag means “God is great.” The flag that was approved by parliament of Iraq in January 2008 changed the script of the takbir to Kufic script (a venerable script that originated in Kufa, Iraq).

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